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The Cybersec-ng

Cybersec-ng is a company with roots in Switzerland and was founded in 2021 with the aim of offering next-generation IT security services with a focus on technical security reviews (“pentests”). To achieve this, we rely on the hacking know-how, the many years of experience of our security experts and rely on recognized standards such as OWASP, OSSTMM, PTES or ISO. With this approach, the growing complexity in the IT landscape, the associated security risks and regulatory requirements can be mastered. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions through our in-house developed, innovative services. Our independence from hard- and software manufacturers also enables us to offer comprehensive and independent consulting.


Our values

  • Respect, integrity and authenticity in dealing with customers and employees.

  • We commit ourselves uncompromisingly to Swiss quality standards.

  • We try out new things and drive innovations (see Vulnerability Scanning Service).




Katja Nikolic

My heart burns for Cybersecurity. In IT security, as in diving, I love the depth. My mission is to lead Cybersec-ng to the top. I love bringing people together, but I am also the proxy and firewall of Cybersec-ng. My playing fields are the operational business, social engineering, human resources, marketing and the sale of our services.

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CEO, Hacker

Michael von Dach

My heart beats for offensive Cybersecurity. I love to analyze complex systems and applications, find vulnerabilities and circumvent security mechanisms. With me you will gain a passionate Cybersecurity expert with skill, broad knowledge, industry know-how and unique experience. With my pragmatic approach and the ability to abstract complex topics, I help you close the gap between IT and management and improve your Cybersecurity. Interested? Contact us.


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